Hunkey X7 900W Power Supply Review

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External Quality Overview

The first thing we're going to look at with the Huntkey X7 900W is its packaging, accessories and documentation. Normally none of these items determine a power supply's quality, the packaging and user's manual can provide us with some information about the product which can be quite helpful, and some useful accessories can make cable management and use more efficient.

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The packaging is a black box in a black cardboard sleeve. On top of the sleeve are the name and wattage (X7 900W) along with an "80Plus Silver" stamp. On the inner side of the lid, a label tells us the unit has a 2 year warranty, which is a bit on the short side. Next to it, are some marketing points given as icons, followed up are some more marketing words:

· Two unique technologies(interleaved PFC and phase-shifted) can guarantee ultra-high efficiency.

What is that all about? Does this PSU shift a phase on my motherboard, or does it have a bridge inside? Nevermind, please go on to the next line.

· The smart fan of the segmented voltage regulator can create a very quiet environment.

It is better known as a smart fan controller. I know that.

· The pluggable terminal can make the wire cleaning more easily.

Actually it's called as modular cables. Everybody out there is talking about cable management now, and I like that.Yep, I copied those words from their website page.

Before introduction at the beginning, I thought you might not be familiar with mysterious codes like "Schottky barrier MOSFET", "advanced hard-switching resonant converter" or "unsymmetric quad-forward design", but you should know about the 80Plus icon. We'll discuss them later. Let's move on.

Here is all you'll get when you purchase a X7 900W PSU, the unit, a bag of modular cables, two handbooks, fix screws and a power cord (which got lost in my big mess of equipment and test samples, fortunately I have replacements). The accessory set is basic. We have just all we need for a power supply, though I'd like to see a couple of cable straps included.

The housing of the unit is nickel-plated metallic grey with a 14cm overhead fan, round fan grid, and has honeycombed venting holes all over the rear panel. There's no AC switch on the rear panel, sadly. The housing is very compact, being 160mm in length. The power label sticks on the side. Go and see details.

This unit has a penta-12V rail design with 18A capacity on each rail, good for a 12A 8PIN PCIe connector, but unhandy if a rail got two of these. The combined 12V capacity is 864W (72A), and combined +3.3V/+5V capacity is 170W. Judging by the color of +12V wires you can tell which connector goes to which +12V rail. The overall capacity of the unit is rated in a standard way: "Rated Power", no "Maximum" or "Continues Power" this time. The unit supports universal input range, as is backed up by its APFC circuitry. In my opinion the specifications have better be shown in a load table.

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