Hunkey X7 900W Power Supply Review

作者: Travis & JackOP  来源: 本站原创  发布时间: 2010-1-22 11:19   

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Recently a new PSU from Huntkey arrived at our lab. As a major power supply maker and the largest power supply manufacturer in mainland China, Huntkey targets value market segment, and has been popular among entry-level users. Traditionally they build value power supplies with some older designs and a peak wattage rating. Recently Huntkey decides to focus on consumer's ever-increasing green concerns, therefore introduces a brand new green product lineup. The first product named X7 comes with 900W continuous output, SSI EPS12V design, and 80Plus Silver high efficiency. It targets gamers and overclockers who have a multiple GPU rig and care about cost benefits.

Is 900 Watts sufficient for DIY enthusiasts?

On SLI Zone most power supplies certified with a triple-SLI system are more than 1100 Watts. However, according to Huntkey, the power consumption of GTX280 cards in 3-way SLI configuration is 520W maximum. One card pulls over 200W peak power, but the second and the third cards won't be fully loaded, unless you're running some power-hungry distributed computing clients. Summing up with the power consumption of CPU and other devices, the whole system consumes about 800W maximum. So Huntkey is confident that 900W is sufficient for even 3-way SLI systems. Higher than that, the gaming performance scales very badly. Up to now 900W is the highest wattage of Huntkey PC power supplies. Perhaps there is a need for an even bigger unit, but it is more expensive and more likely a showcase rather than what a user actually needs.

Those seem like a more realistic attitude towards enthusiast products, but what we expect from a power supply, regardless of its wattage, is its build quality, electrical performance, energy efficiency and operating noise. The specs of X7 900W seems promising, so let's see if it can do something to surprise us.

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