Hunkey JUMPER 450B Power Supply Review

作者: Travis & JackOP  来源: 本站原创  发布时间: 2010-5-04 17:41   

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The word "Jumper" may remind you of those tiny conductors hiding in the corners of your machine. In early days you might have found them very helpful with over clocking or system setup. Nowadays they're gradually disappearing in your machine as the feature set of BIOS program and software tools expands and take over the job. Today Huntkey is bringing a "Jumper" back to your machine, but it's not that tiny thing you're familiar with. In fact, it is a no-frills power supply designed for mainstream gamers who care about. The "Jumper"Line-up is Huntkey's mid-range 80Plus power supplies. The unit we're looking at today, the Huntkey JUMPER 450B, comes with 450W of continuous output power and an 80Plus Bronze certification. Let's see how it goes.

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